New Galactic Groove Full Length Album for 2014

PlanetBassSmall Planet Bass has arrived!

This Trap Dubstep EDM fusion album has 12 bangers and is available on most online music stites including iTunes and Spotify!

Welcome to!

Galactic Groove LogoWelcome to and thanks for stopping by! Galactic Groove is excited to have this new site up and excited bring you his first album  “Alchemist EP” and his premiere music video for “Alchemist.”  New for 2014 is Galactic Groove’s first full length album “Planet Bass.” Please enjoy the free music downloads, fun video clips and up to date news for Galactic Groove. 2015 is going to be a big year for Galactic Groove and check out Galactic Groove’s Facebook page at This and all the latest news can be found right here, so stop by again real soon!

Alchemist EP out now!

Alchemist EP New EP by Galactic Groove out now!

Features 4 original songs by Galactic Groove
1. Alchemist
2. Transmission
3. Rock the Bass
4. Tribal Memories


New Remix by Galactic Groove!

Wendy Ho featuring Galactic Groove Cover ArtGalactic Groove has recently completed a new remix for Wendy Ho which will be available for free download on her Bandcamp site in the near future.
Wendy Ho owned 2009-11, performing across North America and abroad, with venues in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Montreal, Miami, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, and her hometown of Kansas City, as well as an Atlantis gay cruise to Rome, Greece, and Egypt.  She also appeared on Showtime’s series I Can’t Believe I’m Still Single. Ho is an artist.  Ho is a state of mind.  Ho redefines women in music with true liberation.  She is funny and sexy, never sacrificing one for the other.  A pretty bitch, a witty feminist, a self-possessed, self-assured mashup of street and trash who makes you laugh while she makes you think.  The responses she evokes from audiences are as diverse as her roots, but at the core there is no question about who she is.  Wendy is all woman.  All Ho.

Galactic Groove is done filming premiere music video!

Go to the video page to see Galactic Groove’s premiere music video for the dubstep roller coaster ride of a song called “Alchemist!” It’s a psychedelic experience…